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Experienced Counseling for Marriage, Couples, Family, Individual, Teen, Child.

*  Appointments available 6 days a week. HOURS
*  Evening appointments available Monday - Saturday.
*  State Licensed, highly trained and experienced counselors.
*  Gottman Method Couples Therapy by Licensed, Gottman trained counselors.
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About Us:

The Santé Group, Inc. is a privately owned, professional counseling and wellness agency serving the needs of Northeastern Indiana clients since 2004. It is our mission to assist clients in living a happy, productive and chemical free life that embodies a healthy lifestyle as an individual and in relationships. Our counselors provide direction to clients in all areas of life including mental and physical health, spirituality, financial responsibility, meditation, educational and career growth, family wellness and much more. The Santé Group, Inc. honors, respects, and embraces all religions and lifestyles and does not discriminate against any individual belief system.
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Meet our staff of professional counselors!

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"Pegi has helped me through a lot & I couldn't imagine going to anyone else. She is a very caring person & that makes a difference to me."
“I have had a very traumatic life. I have trusted no one,especially a therapist, until I met a woman by the name of Pegi Boswell.”
“I walked in a scared little girl and I'm walking out a confident woman. Pegi has taught me this and so much more. I'm so blessed to have her in my life.”
“The Sante Group has made such a difference in my life, right down to Laura figuring out my insurance for me.”
“I don't know what I would do without you - I have gotten so much out of this.”
“The counseling has been phenomenal. I feel your sincere interest and effort in helping to improve my life.”
"I have been seeing Pegi regularly and I feel meeting her has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. She is honest, truthful, caring, loving, and so kind. She has shown me so much about myself, and has helped me learn why I am who I am…. So easy to talk to and such a beautiful and peaceful office environment… I would highly recommend her to anyone facing anything life might be throwing at them.
“Pegi and the Santé group has helped my family for about 14 to 15 years now. First with a child suffering from depression. [Teaching] them how to cope and deal with the feeling. And now me as an empty nester who finally can deal with my own happyness. I don't know what we would have done without them over the years.
"My family has been through an emotional ordeal. We were broken. Pegi and her staff were able to fix us into a stronger more patient and loving family. She was able to help each one of us individually so we could better understand the impact this ordeal had on the others. We all suffer differently; she helped us each express our pain then taught us how to get on with life. WE are much better for knowing her and the staff at Sante Group. I can honestly say, I thank Pegi for giving me back my family!"
"The meditation groups are so good for me. They really keep me centered.”
"I love coming here, it is so peaceful and pleasant.”
"Doing counseling with Pegi has changed my life completely.”
"Our (my husband & I) communication has improved so much. The skills we have learned have changed our relationship!”
“I was so depressed and everybody kept telling me what I wanted to hear... Pegi Boswell is the only person that told me the truth - and I NEEDED to hear it.”
“Pegi Boswell is an amazing person and truly has a gift in therapy and a passion for helping others. I have been through a lot in the past and I could never have gotten through any of it without her.”
“I've learned so much about how to handle life. I've learned to surf the waves of life!”
Pegi has helped me through so much.  I highly recommend her & her group.
“Pegi has changed my life in so many ways. I went from not wanting to exist to being proud of who I am.”